Osteopath Amsterdam

Osteopath Amsterdam is situated in Medisch Centrum Willemsparkweg 48. The MCW 48 is a medical centre where doctors and paramedics have their own practices. Mutual cooperation within the centre is easy. This multidisciplinary cooperation is thought to be particularly important.The MCW was opened on the 25th of August 2005. Jop Mur, osteopath DO-MRO at osteopath Amsterdam, has been working here since that date. Amongst others Jop Mur’s osteopathy practice finds a home here, together with other disciplines such as ortho-manual medicine and podotherapy.

Osteopath Amsterdam is housed in a fully renovated building at a unique location on Willemsparkweg, near Vondelpark and Museum Square, in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. Osteopath Amsterdam is within easy access, for both private cars and public transport.

Osteopathy is a manual mode of treatment aiming at the correction of Normal body mobility, the principle of osteopathy being that if body tissues are flexible no pains and aches will occur. Loss of mobility can manifest itself in backaches, neckaches, abdominal pains, headaches, mental disorder or a bad posture.

In the Netherlands osteopathy is a relatively new treatment but gaining quickly in popularity. It takes five or six years of training to become an osteopath, and until recently only physicians and therapists were allowed these osteopathy training courses. Today there is a full-time osteopathy course. Only after having written a thesis or internship followed by a case study does one become an osteopath DO-MRO.

Jop Mur, osteopath DO-MRO is also working in Amstelveen