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G. Schilder

My busy life (family, office job and active athlete) ensure every now and then that the voltage is in pain. Not gone to ‘physio’ on the advice of friends, but even to an osteopath. In Jop a real ‘miracle doctor’ found. In the 5 years that I now come to him (sometimes with long intervals), it always helps me. My complaints The one time it’s due to stress, but sometimes, eg by a fall from the bike. Every cause needs a different approach and Jop always finds combat where it finds its cause. Pain as the cause Besides speaking his calm approach coupled with his explanation and advice really me.

Maria E

I went to Oosteopaat Amsterdam’s Jop Mur upon recommendation from my fysio. I was being treated for a sore shoulder that I developed in September last year, mainly through overuse, stress and tension. These problems had occurred from both stressful computer work as well as intense training, preparing for the Amsterdam Marathon. I was running with a waterbottle in one hand and put a lot of stress on my shoulder (yes I know running normally causes knee or other leg related problems….but for me it was the shoulder). I was in quite a bit of pain, and could hardly lift my arm up in a 90 degree angle. My fysio felt that my recovery process was not going well, after months of weekly treatment to release the tension; I still had a lot of days with so much pain that I could hardly use my arm. As soon as I walked in Jop made sure to make me feel comfortable while he asked me more about my condition. He examined me gently and started the treatment right away using different techniques of stretching, gentle pressure and resistance throughout my body and intestines. Jop asked me several times throughout the treatment if I felt any discomfort – but I really didn’t – the whole process helped me relax and by the end of the visit the intensity of my pain had reduced. An amazing experience during one of the sessions was when stabilizing of my gallbladder took away the pain in my shoulder almost completely! Today was my 4th visit with Jop over a period of 1,5 months and I experience such a difference in how my shoulder feels, but also in general how much better my body functions during normal daily activities as well as during heavy sports. Overall I am really impressed with the whole process. Now I’m finally able to after months of pain, start training with my fysio to strengthen and rebuild the weakened muscles in my upper body and shoulder area. I would definitely recommend Jop for his attentive and professional manner and osteopathy as a really effective treatment method.

Greet Nikijuluw

As a legal secretary in the legal profession for many years I have neck and shoulder problems (stress, heavy workload). Physical therapy helped my feeling not really until I heard through the grapevine about osteopathy. I started googling and especially the experience of osteopathy Jop Mur appealed to me (o / t working as occupational physiotherapist / ergonomist). Jop is very friendly and calm. What I really liked is that Jop during his treatment has explained what he was doing and why. Lot to me I was quickly reassured and relaxed. I certainly benefit from the treatments Jop (eg headaches more). Really great! Thank you Jop!

Mr Mur has treated me as a result of an accident (broken bones). His treatment has given me back the freedom I need to function. I doubt I could have acquired. In another way The treatments were highly professional and pleasant. Communication was always excellent and fast. I also recommend this handler then warmly.

Before treatment by Jop Mur I had uppder back pain for about 10 years. I was treated by physiotherapists, chiropractors without any result. After my first appointment with Mr. Mur I was surprised that most of the pain (80%) was gone. I couldn’t believe it at first but the result was incredible. After several treatments most of the pain was gone and quality of my life improved a lot. I’m very thankful to Mr. Mur for helping me and would recommend him to anyone with back pain.